Rebecca Faye Smith Galli



Rebecca Faye Smith Galli is a freelance writer and columnist who resides in Lutherville, Maryland.  She serves on the Board of Directors for Pathfinders for Autism.  You can learn more about her and read more of her work at From Where I Sit.

Content at Last

“So how’s Madison,” my new caregiver asked as she was driving me to my next appointment. 

Hitting Home

I saw stars. We had just finished the 30-day review meeting of Madison’s adult placement. 

Settling In

Maybe I came to visit too soon. “Can I see the mark?” I asked near the end of our FaceTime session. “Sure,” the assistant said. 

A Day for Celebration

She did it. She wore the cap and gown. I knew she would “graduate.” We have been checking off therapy and educational goals since she was 13 months old. 

Pioneers Again

I was ready for the meeting, but still felt unprepared. We were to discuss a change in programming for Madison—that part was nothing new. 

Rigid and Right

It was Tuesday. Finally, we were back on our lunch-with-Mommy schedule and were ordering our usual McDonald’s lunch ...