Jeffrey Deutsch



Jeff Deutsch is an Aspie, who draws on his decades of Home-based Experiential Lifelong Learning (HELL) to help fellow Aspies better relate to NTs and vice versa. Now happily married to Emily, an NT who first told him about Asperger Syndrome (AS), he gives inspirational talks, group training for Aspies and also for Aspies' families' and partners' support groups, employers, service providers, first responders and others, and individual life coaching for both Aspies and NTs. He helps Aspies better get along with NTs, and NTs better recognize and deal with Aspies on the job, through social situations, in personal relationships and other aspects of daily life.

After graduating from high school, and then Cornell University less than three years later, Jeff subsequently earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from George Mason University. Years later, at the age of 38, he was diagnosed with AS by both a counselor and a psychiatrist. Jeff's practice, A SPLINT (ASPies LInking with NTs), is registered in the State of Virginia. He has published an Aspies' atlas to the NT world: his new book Turning the Broadband On. He sits on the Advisory Board of Madison House Autism Foundation.

Pleasant Accommodations

It was 8:50 a.m. I'd just dropped off Emily at the station and gotten back to my office . . .

Seizing Power

We're creatures of habit. By “we” I mean humans in general, not just Aspies. As the saying goes, motivation may get you started but habits keep you going. 

Intelligence Coup

We've scored a major intelligence coup. Not in Iraq or Pakistan or even Libya, but here at home. Spies recently intercepted a list of basic concepts to teach NT children. 

You May Be an Aspie If . . .

You want to buy stock in Selsun Blue, because of all the girls you call for dates who have to wash their hair every night.

Following the Leader

Seeing all the other drivers swerve around the tire strips, I wondered  if maybe the other drivers knew something I didn't. So just to be safe, I swerved too.

What Does it Take?

Here's what Emily and I think it takes for a reasonable and caring NT to establish a good working (or other kind of) relationship with an Aspie: