Christopher Wedding



After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Frostburg State University, Christopher Wedding began his career in the mental health field working at a half-way house for youth with developmental disabilities and co-morbid addiction issues in Maryland. Chris interacted with the individuals on a social basis, while also counseling them regarding everyday life problems. After two years, Chris moved on to become a Residential Advisor for the Maryland center of a national postsecondary program for students with disabilities. In this role, he helped students work through everyday life problems, and coached them on how to deal with roommate disagreements. He also taught such things as public transportation use, everyday living skills, and problem-solving strategies.

Chris is currently working as a Supported Employment Manager for autistic adults. He helps adults with autism find jobs in the community, and trains the staff on individual behavior issues. He lives in Frederick, Maryland and hopes to continue to advance in the field of mental health working with individuals with ASD.

Getting to Know You

The biggest part of my job is knowing all the individuals on my caseload and what they are capable of doing. 

Challenges in the Workplace

There are challenges every day when working with adults with autism, especially when the individuals are out in the community working at jobs. 

Try Outs

Finding job placement for an adult with autism involves a number of steps.

Meeting the Employer

Once you have located a potential place for an individual with autism to work, the next step has be the most difficult one ...

Job Development

Job development can be a challenge for anyone, but even more of a challenge for someone with autism. 

Job Fit

One of the more difficult things people are facing today is looking for the right job. That was one of my big challenges when I graduated from college;