Caroline McGraw



Caroline McGraw is a would-be childhood paleontologist turned writer, digging for treasure in people and uncovering sacred stories in ordinary days. She writes about choosing love, losing fear and finding home at A Wish Come Clear. Visit and receive free copies of Caroline's digital books, "Your Creed of Care: How to Dig for Treasure in People (Without Getting Buried Alive)" and "Love's Subversive Stance: Ground Yourself and Grow in Relationship."

Leader of the Pack

It’s getting late, but I pick up the phone and press Send anyway. I’d promised to check in with my Mom, and I want to keep my word. 

Sharing Experiences

“I’m just not sure what to do, or how to help her,” my friend Marie (a pseudonym) said. Her voice trembled slightly. 

Autistic Adults in Rural America: Part II

Part II of our story on autistic adults living in rural America.

A Song for You

At present, I’m not a parent. I don’t have a son or daughter of my own, but if ever I do, I have a very specific item at the top of my parenting to-do list. 

Autistic Adults in Rural America: Part I

Part I of a two-part series on living as an autistic adult in rural America.

Twenty-Six and Counting

When I was younger, being 25 years old seemed tremendously grown-up.