Caroline McGraw



Caroline McGraw is a would-be childhood paleontologist turned writer, digging for treasure in people and uncovering sacred stories in ordinary days. She writes about choosing love, losing fear and finding home at A Wish Come Clear. Visit and receive free copies of Caroline's digital books, "Your Creed of Care: How to Dig for Treasure in People (Without Getting Buried Alive)" and "Love's Subversive Stance: Ground Yourself and Grow in Relationship."

Expanding Expression: Art and Autism

Leading a life of self-determined success in autism may require a dash—or more—of art.

Sharing the Sacred

This past Thursday, I attended a supper that ended with prayer time. 

Living My Fears

One of my biggest fears as Willie's sister is that he'll seriously hurt himself, or someone else. 

From Your Home to Theirs: Helping the Adult with ASD Transition into a Residential Placement

After parents and caregivers of individuals on the autism spectrum have passed through the challenging process of finding and assessing a residential placement . . .

First Impressions

We're gathered around the table together for the first time, my family and my boyfriend. Jonathan is going to be my fiance in a matter of weeks, and we'll be married in a few months, 

Up on the Roof

Last year, my brother Willie spent a day with me at my studio apartment in Washington, DC. I’d offered to stay with him while my parents went to a wedding in Northern Virginia.