Cara Nissman



Cara Nissman is a journalist and editor based in West Palm Beach, Florida. For more than 12 years, she has written about families, religion, education, health, and people with special needs for magazines, newspapers, websites, and books. Her work has been published in the Boston Herald, Seventeen, South Florida Parenting, and the Palm Beach Post. You can read more of her articles on her website.

College and Crisis Management: Mental Illness in Postsecondary Programs

A knife to the back reportedly brought Matthew Finnigan out of the fantasy world of his beloved video game and into a devastating reality. 

When Autism and Mental Health Issues Collide

John was fuming. He hoisted the 75-pound cement planter, then dropped it with incredible force. 

Designing the Future: nonPareil Institute

Cheryl O’Brien had worked as a draftsman, technician and electrical engineer before taking time off from the world of work to raise her children. But when O’Brien was ready 

I am Autistic: TV Pilot Showcases ASD Families

A woman struggles to understand as her teenage daughter with autism screeches unintelligibly and points at a take-out menu.

Autism in Communities of Worship

Margaret Fernandez believes two colors of thread intertwine to define who she is as an adult with Asperger syndrome. “The gold threads in my cloth are God,