Archived News Entries

Although titled Neurotypical, Adam Larsen's documentary examines the points of view of three people on the autism spectrum.  Larsen will screen his film in his hometown of Asheville, NC, on Thursday as a benefit for TEACCH.  

A report in The Australian states that research findings will be presented today at the Asia Pacific Autism Conference that identify two biologically distinct types of autism: One which presents with early brain overgrowth and (in most cases) subsequent developmental regression and another that presents with immune system dysfunction. The report quotes David Amaral, Director of Research at the MIND Institute at UC Davis, at some length, suggesting that it is MIND Institute researchers that made these findings. If true this likely marks a major advance in autism research.

CareSpeak Communications announced today its partnership with Easter Seals New Jersey to bring a text messaging platform to people with disabilities to help ensure that medications are taken as scheduled.

Disability Scoop reports on the vote in the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee to reauthorize legislation providing federal funding for autism.

A Myrtle Beach couple is suing their son's school after he was killed in an altercation with a school police officer two years ago.

Petaluma, California reports on a local teen with ASD who has become an Eagle Scout and is involved in numerous volunteer activities.

The New York Times reported in August on the death of a 48-year-old man with developmental disabilities who died after caregivers forgot him in a van on a hot afternoon.