Rose Donovan

Rose Donovan

Rose Donovan started her journalism career as an investigative reporter at a newspaper in Sarasota, Florida. She moved with her husband to Washington, D.C., where she spent six years as a reporter and editor for a chain of daily newspapers in the Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs. She veered away from the newspaper business for a stint as a reporter for a daily education newsletter, but found she missed the newspaper life.

After her first child was born, Rose scaled back to part-time work, copy editing business stories at The Washington Post for the next decade, while having two more babies. She took a break when all three children were in elementary school and her youngest son, Reilly, was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, and later, autism spectrum disorder. While raising her children, she did a variety of volunteer work, including editing PTA newsletters at three different schools.

With all three children out of the nest, she is embarking on the next chapter of her life, writing and advocating on autism issues.

Failure in Judgment

I think it's only fair to report that I didn't have all the facts when I filed my last column about the shoplifting incident involving Reilly's friends. 

Getting Caught Catching Up

Another column deadline spurred me to check in with Reilly. We  had a nice chat on a Friday afternoon, when he was relaxed and happy to answer my many questions.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

For the first time since I started writing this column, my deadline approached and I didn't have anything to say. 

The Hard Stuff

It's hard for me to let my kids struggle, particularly when the kid is Reilly. 

Summer Grades

Reilly's summer is rapidly coming to an end. 

Sex and Responsibility

So, I was talking with one of Reilly's doctors about his serious romantic relationship, and potential hazards of sexual activity among young adults with disabilities.