Caroline McGraw is a would-be childhood paleontologist turned writer, digging for treasure in people and uncovering sacred stories in ordinary days. She writes about choosing love, losing fear and finding home at A Wish Come Clear. Visit and receive free copies of Caroline's digital books, "Your Creed of Care: How to Dig for Treasure in People (Without Getting Buried Alive)" and "Love's Subversive Stance: Ground Yourself and Grow in Relationship."

A Family Fourth

The sweet-smelling smoke from the firecrackers drifts over to where the group of adults is sitting on the lake house porch. 

The Little Things

I stared out the window into the super moon-lit night, trying to keep my eyes open.

A Sleepover Story

I was holding my breath when the doorbell sounded. “They’re here!” I cried. My third-grade self was hosting her very first sleepover, and boy oh boy, was she nervous. 

LIghts, Camera, Action

As mentioned in last week’s column, my family’s story has been featured in a short documentary entitled, “My Brother,” by filmmaker Edwin Mah. 

Bittersweet Farms: The Farmstead as Service Provider

What do you get when you combine an intrepid public school teacher, a classroom of young autistic adults, and a vision of partnership and mutuality? Bittersweet Farms.

Loud and Clear

I read a fascinating article this week:  Jeff Howe’s CNN Money piece, “Paying for Finn: A Special-Needs Child.”