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Holiday Message

Illustration of reindeer by Christmas tree in silhouette.

For the past two months, our family has been dealing with serious illness on the part of our younger son. Progress has been slow; baby steps forward have been followed by backsliding. Each day we wake up hoping for positive events and each night we go to sleep thankful that events weren’t worse.

On Friday a week ago, I came home from a trip to the ER to learn of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I did not know my heart could feel so heavy.

This holiday season, I cannot bring myself to write anything the least bit political. I am simply going to wish all of you well and suggest the following:

  • Hold your loved ones close. Remind them how much they mean to you.
  • Remember to do the things you truly enjoy.
  • Take snapshots not just with your cell phones, but with your hearts.
  • Give your children the gift of setting an example of a life well-lived.
  • Take the time to show your children how to be generous of spirit.
  • Laugh! Remember to see the funny.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Lavish your pets with love.
  • Find a few moments every day to reflect, meditate, pray, or simply be still.

All of us at Autism After 16 wish all of you a joyous holiday season. We believe the New Year to be filled with promise.

Finally, this holiday season we continue to keep the families of Newtown in our thoughts. We know they have found strength in their community. We hope they may find some peace as well.

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Peace to You

A beautiful message, and peace on earth and good will to you and your entire family.