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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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For the first time since I started writing this column, my deadline approached and I didn't have anything to say. Totally stumped. It occurred to me that Reilly was off my radar. Aside from occasional texts, mostly football related, and Facebook posts—again some football related—we haven't had much communication recently.

As most parents of college students know, no news is generally good news. We hear from our children when things are going badly or they need something. I think this rule applies with Reilly as well.

I have been busy myself, working through the waning days of a political campaign. I'll have a lot more free time beginning November 6. Every now and then, it occurs to me to wonder how Reilly is doing. I go to Facebook for the answer. A sampling of his recent posts gives me clues.

"Grrrr. Mondays suck. That is all." I hear you, pal.

Then something about the Redskins quarterback not being totally recovered from last season's injury.

"Wednesday is such a tease. It's like, 'hey the weekend is almost here,' but you still have to get up early for school. Such BS man."

Sounded like he needed some encouragement that day, so I commented: "Hope you have a good day, bud. Call me when you get a chance. Love you!" To which he replied: "About what?" I'm still waiting for that call.

Then: "Grrr. This Government textbook still hasn't come! Why?????" I'm not sure what that's about. Maybe I should look into it. But maybe it's a problem I'll let him work out with his teacher.

Then something about how his video game system isn't working and he'll have to wait 'til Thanksgiving to play the new Grand Theft Auto game at home. Aww, that's a shame. He seems to be coping fairly well with the disappointment. That's a problem I definitely don't want to solve for him.

There was a post about Miley Cyrus's hair. But then a news nugget: "Had food class today. Made pancakes. I think I'm going to like this class! (smiley face)"  In the comments, he said his girlfriend, Ashley, transferred into the class, so he's even happier.

And finally a post he tagged me in: "Rose Donovan, I need this! Just sayin'" It was an ad for a CD, "Punk Goes Christmas," available in November.

In the middle of this week of FB posts, I decided to take a few days off from the campaign and accompany my husband on a business trip to Iowa, giving us a chance to visit our respective families. While I was at dinner with family, I got an accusing text from Reilly: "You didn't tell me you and Dad were in Iowa!" One of his cousins had texted him that he was having dinner with Reilly's parents. "Remember when I asked you to call me when you got chance?" I replied. "That's what I was going to tell you." Touché. Apparently he thinks I live in suspended animation while he's away.

The lesson, I guess, is that when I forget to worry about Reilly, we both seem to thrive in our respective worlds. I will have time to worry about his future again in about six weeks. Right now I have bigger, or at least more immediate, fish to fry. I have to get my candidate elected. Meanwhile, Reilly if you read this, phone home. If I'm not home, try my cell. Love you! Mom.