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Writing a Future

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I have been thinking lately about what kinds of writing I want to do in the future. I do enjoy writing these columns, but I also want to further expand my horizons and see what other forms of writing I might be good at and enjoy working in. Thus, I have taken some steps to explore my options while sharpening my writing skills.    

I have recently begun writing for my own pleasure for a few hours daily. I generally write down ideas for characters, settings, and other details I may want to include in fictional works such as a novel or short story one day. One of the writing classes I had in college recommended writing daily in this way to keep one’s writing skills fresh, and I do believe that doing this has helped me to compose better ideas and improve as a writer. I can write down whatever comes to my mind during that daily period of time, and later, I can go back and refine my ideas in order that they will work better for the form of writing I choose. It also feels good to get my thoughts down in a written form when they have been buzzing about in my head for long periods of time. In some cases, the ideas continue to form in my head even after I have written them down, evolving into forms which I had not initially anticipated. I enjoy going through the process of refining my ideas into engaging stories and poems, and I hope I will be able to find a way to get them published soon.

I also recently bought and read through a special issue of a magazine about the art of writing and the process of getting published. I thought it had an interesting mix of information and encouragement. I was particularly awed by a featured article which contained snippets of writing advice from various professional writers who had written for the magazine over many decades. A lot of the advice they offered was repeated in other articles elsewhere in the issue. I was amazed that these tips, some of which had been written way back in the 1920s, could still be of great use to me so many years later. I will be taking this information to heart and putting it to good use in my future writing habits. The magazine also contained great information about getting published and finding an agent which I feel will help me to navigate the publishing business in the future.

While I have been working on improving my writing skills, I have also been researching various publications both locally and elsewhere and what they are looking for in terms of writing. I have ruled out some options already because they were very focused on politics or other areas which I have not developed a concrete knowledge or viewpoint of, but I have found that there are still many publications for which I would be interested in writing. In addition, I have learned of a person in my area that is planning on starting an online publication of their own and may be looking for writers. I will be contacting him to see if he would be interested in using me in some capacity. I would like to find some local work so I could become better known within my area, and I also hope that in the future some national publications will become interested in my work as well.

I have also learned that there are some local writing groups in my area that I feel could greatly benefit me in my writing career. I am investigating them at the moment because I have never been to any of their meetings before. From what I understand, they are made up of local writers who are looking to grow their skills. At their meetings, they share examples of their work for other members to critique and offer advice to each other as well. I feel that joining these groups could be very helpful to me because I could get a second opinion of my work apart from myself or my family. I think I might also find some new friends in these groups who share my interest in writing.

I am excited about delving deeper into the world of writing. I enjoy developing my writing skills and looking for further opportunities to write professionally. Each piece of writing I create brings its own challenges and helps me to grow as a writer, and I am keen on seeing what will develop as I continue to write.