Mar 11, 2014 0 Share

Time Flies

Calendar pages.

The future creeps up on you when you’re busy doing other things. Deadlines and decisions come jumping at you just when you start to relax. Reilly comes home this weekend to start his spring break. That means summer is right around the corner!

Ack! What are we doing this summer? What is Reilly doing this summer? Suddenly, it seems the time is now to figure that out. He texted me a few days ago saying he got an email from the pool where he worked last summer about applications for this coming summer. “Should I apply?” he asked. “Sure. Couldn’t hurt,” I replied.

Should he work at the pool again this summer? Or should we look for something else that helps him build a new skill set? I immediately googled summer school options. A college he’s interested in has an interesting sports management summer class that sounds good, and right up his alley. Another school has an “intensive workshop for success in college,” designed to “help you feel better prepared as you begin or return to college this fall.” That school also has other summer programs for visiting college students, but the course selection is not yet available.

I look at the dates and notice a conflict with my family reunion in Iowa this summer. Reilly turns 21 in June, and, according to a recent Facebook post, “I will finally be able to get a drink with my cousins at my family reunion!!! Even though I hate alcohol, I’ll just buy one and give it to my cousin. June 16 must come quicker!” Uh oh. Can I deprive him of that experience for an intensive summer college workshop? Family, and family reunions give him such joy.

And what about next fall? Should he stay at NYIT another year? When he’s home on spring break, we should visit a couple of other programs he’s interested in. But I made doctor appointments for his spring break, which is not going to make him very happy, but it can’t be helped.

It’s encouraging to know that Reilly is thinking about the future as well. In another recent text, he said he’s thinking of staying at NYIT another year, then transferring to the school’s other campus to enroll in a four-year degree program, possibly in business management. I encouraged him to talk with his academic advisor about the possibilities. Is that the best idea? How do we know?

His Dad and I think a conference call with his academic advisor to discuss the options is in order, this week, before school closes for spring break.

How did the time get away from us? It seems like we just dropped him off to begin his second year, and now it’s time to figure out what’s next, for the summer and beyond.

But, Reilly also needs some time to relax and chill out. He deserves that. Maybe I should just take a deep breath and trust that the future, both near and far, will sort itself out, eventually. It usually does, in time.