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The Resolution Report

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Happy New Year! It seems as though not so long ago, I started another column with those very same words. In preparation for today’s installment of Transition from the Trenches, I re-read my first column of 2012 entitled New Year, New Resolutions. I think the resolutions I made last year were good ones, and I’m proud to say that I was pretty successful at sticking to them. (That said, perhaps I would have been even more successful had I re-read that column before now.) I have a few new resolutions for 2013, but first I thought I’d report on how I did with last year’s list.

Last year, I resolved to start attending seminars and workshops regarding adult services and other Transition related topics. As a result of that resolution, I was successful in enrolling Cameron in an employment support program. And that program was successful in securing paid employment for Cameron. Can I get a big, “Woo Hoo!”? It was well worth sticking to that resolution and fighting the crosstown traffic to attend that particular information session. I did attend a handful of such sessions, but my attendance could have been better. I will build on the success I had, and just roll that resolution right on over to my 2013 list to ensure further successes this year.

At the start of 2012, I also resolved to keep Cameron on his toes. Now this was somewhat of an empty netter, because Cameron does a pretty good job of staying on his toes without my assistance. This resolution is more about modifying my own behavior than Cameron’s. As my loving husband so delicately points out, I tend to come to Cameron’s rescue far too quickly. This is one of the resolutions I should have re-read before now. Maybe tattoo it on my forearm, even. So this resolution will roll over to 2013 as well, with a slight modification: I resolve to keep Cameron on his toes by holding him more accountable and not by rushing to bail him out at the first sign of a struggle.

And lastly in 2012, I resolved to keep the short term in sight, as well as the long term. I think I was successful in doing this in a balanced manner. I managed to step back from my obsessive search for postsecondary options, and focus more on current conditions. The paid employment I mentioned earlier is the biggest result of this division of energy. But I still have my ear to the ground for what comes after high school. I made sure Cameron’s application for vocational rehabilitation services was processed, and have received the good news that he qualified for the highest level of support offered. Once Cameron graduates from high school, this support will come in mighty handy when determining his next steps. Keeping my energy balanced between present and future is definitely a habit I’m happy to keep.

In addition to rolling my 2012 resolutions forward and continuing on with them in 2013, I have a few new entries to the list. I resolve to stop deciding what Cameron would like or would be willing to try before evening consulting him on the matter. I need to remind myself that Cameron is still growing and developing, and he’s quite capable of forming his own opinions. This applies to food, clothes, activities, and even his willingness to ride his bike to work in nasty weather. If he has a problem with something, he’s perfectly capable of speaking up, and it’s not my job to do it for him.

My final resolution for 2013 has little to do with Cameron. I resolve to make my voice bigger when it comes to speaking up about Transition issues for young adults with ASD. This has nothing to do with my ego. I think issues facing this aging population deserve much attention, and I am going to do my part to bring these issues to light. Now exactly how I’m going to increase my voice remains to be seen. Maybe it will be via social media. Worth noting, at the time of this writing, I have exactly three Twitter followers. And I’m not exactly sure how the whole Twitter thing works. I resolve to figure it out, though.

Wish me luck on successful resolution implementation for 2013! I wish you luck with your list as well. And if you don’t have a list, feel free to borrow from mine.